See Bradley Cooper As Lucifer In Latest Paradise Lost Concept Art

Legendary Pictures brought their act to San Diego for the company’s first Comic Con panel (which our very own Katey Rich live-blogged the hell out of), and while most of the attention was paid to Guillermo del Toro’s monsters-and-robots-epics, Pacific Rim, the production house also teased concept art from Alex Proyas’s adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which stars The Hangover lead Bradley Cooper as Lucifer. The first images teased at Comic Con boasted the expected amount of fire and brimstone, and you can take a look at them all HERE. But Legendary isn’t stopping there. A new piece of art featuring a scratchy glimpse of Cooper’s Lucifer has been posted on Legendary’s official blog. The up-close shot of some demonic, black eyes can be seen below:

While this isn’t exactly a full-court press for Paradise Lost, it is a lot of buzz for a picture that doesn’t have any other cast members in place and still needs to start shooting footage. I understand the need to have a presence at Comic Con, especially if you want the geek community behind your epic take on the battle between heaven and hell. But now that Legendary has lifted Paradise Lost onto everybody’s radar, it’s time they got down to business by fine-tuning the script, beefing up the special effects, and luring some top actors to its ensemble. Proyas, a proven sci-fi wizard with Dark City and I, Robot on his resume, has time. The picture isn’t due in theaters until next year. Let’s hope he’s ready to turn this concept art into a practical masterpiece.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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