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Miles Teller can take a beating. The young star of the Oscar-nominated picture, Whiplash had his fair share of bloodied scenes in the jazz drama and it looks like his new film will have him a similar condition. Except this time, it makes a bit more sense to be beaten up and bloody, as Teller plays the real-life boxing legend Vinny Pazienza in Bleed for This. Take a look:

bleed for this

The first still from shows older-looking Teller who lost a significant amount of weight for his newest film, bruised and bloodied in the corner of a boxing ring. You can check out the full-resolution version of the photo at The Hollywood Reporter. Bleed for This tells the real-life story of boxing legend Vinny Pazienza who soon after reaching fame was in a near-fatal car accident that told him he may never walk again. With the help of his trainer, Kevin Rooney played by Aaron Eckhart the boxer went against the doctor’s orders and worked his way to a triumphant return.

Is it just me or does that sound a little bit familiar? Not in the sense of never walking again, but Teller’s character in Whiplash has a minor car-crash in the middle of the film only to get up and walk into his jazz band performance and sit down at the kit, struggling to hold his drumsticks. If there’s one thing that we can tell from Teller’s characters, they are nothing if not persistent. That’s for sure.

whiplash bloody

Teller’s role in the biographical drama was written and directed by Ben Younger and also stars Eckhart along with Katey Sagal. Teller has been on his way up the past few years, from his 2013 performance in Spectacular Now to co-starring alongside J.K. Simmons in Whiplash, the young man is starting to become very recognizable, and was just recently nominated for BAFTA’s Rising Star award. But even more exciting is Teller’s upcoming role in The Fantastic Four reboot as none other than Reed Richards. The trailer for the new film looks far more promising than we had even hoped for, so it’s exciting that Teller’s name is attached and we can’t wait to see all he does with the leadership role of the gang.

Teller has a few other big roles in movies coming out this year including Get a Job and Insurgent. His take on the inspirational World Champion Boxer Vinny Pazienza will be out sometime later this year.

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