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Shame, starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan, has been getting a lot of buzz this past month or so, and only some of it is because the movie is apparently amazing. No, Shame stars Michael Fassbender as a sex addict named Brandon, and the film doesn't shy away from portraying his problem in detail. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in the movie being saddled with the MPAA's scarlet letter: an NC-17 rating.

So far, we've only seen general-release trailers for Shame, and that's probably part of why the movie is getting more attention than you would expect a lurid indie drama about a sex addict to. The lazy way to market a controversial film like Shame would be to play up the eroticism, pack the trailer with as much titillation as you can get away with, and then bide your time till you can drop the redband trailer and really show the goodies. Thankfully, Fox Searchlight has taken a classier approach than that, focusing on the film's characters and haunting visual style. Now the studio finally has released the redband trailer via their Facebook page, and thankfully it's just as slick and hypnotic as the earlier trailers.

The film's sexuality is more overt here, but it's almost an afterthought, a barrage of images sifted from the mind of a man who simply cannot shut off his libido or predatory instincts. These play out interspersed across a single scene, dialogue-free, of the silent connection and flirtation between Fassbender's Brandon and a woman on a train. Nothing is explained; the trailer simply lets the images (and the praise-filled words of critics) speak for themselves. It's something else. Check it out below, and compare it to one of the earlier greenband trailers afterwards.