A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, the new film from director Roman Coppola, tells the story of a graphic designer - played by Charlie Sheen - who is living the high life until his longtime girlfriend, Ivana (Katheryn Winnick), decides to dump him. From there, the character's life begins to completely fall apart and he is forced to fight to put everything back together. That said, it looks like the first official stills from the movie take place within the first act, because Charles Swan III seems to still be doing quite well.

In addition to an interview with the director, Entertainment Weekly has posted the first three images from the movie and they do a pretty good job summing up the celebrity lifestyle, from black tie events with Bill Murray to conversations with a bearded Jason Schwartzman on horseback. Check out all of the stills below, and head over to EW to see them in their highest resolution.

Anyone else think that Schwartzman looks strangely like Sacha Baron Cohen in the second image?

Coppola actually hasn't directed a feature film since his debut movie, CQ, in 2001, but it would seem that all of his time working with Wes Anderson has paid off quite nicely. In addition to casting Anderson regulars like Murray and Schwartzman (who also happens to be Coppola's cousin), the filmmaker has managed to assemble a great cast that also includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Patricia Arquette, and Aubrey Plaza.

The movie also promises to be at least a tiny bit kooky, as what you see in that third image is Coppola filming score composer Liam Hayes during a beach sequence. Said Coppola of the world the movie inhabits, "It’s not strictly realistic. In the film, because some of the sequences take place in the imagination of the main character, it goes to fantastical circumstances and settings. There’s a western sequence, there’s an underground spy-agency sequence. There are some playful touches that, for me, are cued off this main character, whose professional life is creating imagery, stylized imagery like album cover art."

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III will be in theaters in February 2013.

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