Upcoming Kristen Bell Movies And TV: What's Ahead For The Good Place Star

Kristen Bell in The Good Place

Kristen Bell’s on-screen charm makes her an actress that feels relatable, friendly, and like someone you want to see on-screen. Kristen Bell movies and TV shows have such a dedicated fan base because Bell's wholesome charisma makes most of her characters likable, even when their behavior is a little or very questionable. Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, and Good Place have all showcased different sides of Bell’s acting and each series has helped elevate her career, but her portfolio extends so much further.

Kristen Bell is a woman of many hats, so she’s constantly busy producing, acting, singing, and etc. With such a full schedule, it might be hard for fans to keep up with the upcoming Kristen Bell movies and TV shows. If you’re a Bell fan, then you definitely want to know what she’s doing next. Look no further because we’ll be discussing some of the upcoming Kristen Bell movies and TV shows.

Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson in Gossip Girl short

Gossip Girl - TBD (Filming)

In 2019, the Gossip Girl revival was officially underway. Soon after the announcement, Variety confirmed that Kristen Bell would reprise her role as the voice of Gossip Girl. Bell voiced Gossip Girl for the show’s entire six-season run, from 2007 to 2012. Gossip Girl narrated the show and was always the first to report on a major scandal.

The Gossip Girl revival began filming in October 2020 after production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of March 2021, the series is still filming, but Bell may have already completed many of her narrations, because, likely, she only had to record a few words for the first season. Gossip Girl has yet to set a release date for its HBO Max premiere, but it’s expected to be released sometime in 2021. Since filming is still on-going, a summer release may be out of the question, but an early fall 2021 release seems plausible.

Anna and Kristoff in Frozen

Molly And The Moon - TBD (Pre-Production)

In November 2020, It was announced that Kristen Bell would reteam with her Frozen co-star Jonathan Groff for a musical called Molly and the Moon. It’s an original musical by the How I Met Your Mother crew and creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. Bell and Groff play Kate and Brian, two expecting parents who sing to their unborn daughter.

Molly and the Moon is based on Thomas’s own experience with the birth of his child who was diagnosed with Jacobsen Syndrome. As of March 2021, there doesn’t appear to be any new news on the film, so filming has likely not begun yet.

Kristen Bell in Parks and Recs

Queenpins - TBD (Post-Production)

In September 2020, STX films bought the worldwide rights to Queenpins. Kristen Bell stars in this comedy inspired by the largest counterfeit coupon scam. Bell plays a suburban housewife who decides to start an illegal coupon club. She ends up scamming millions of dollars from big corporations. Queenpins’ cast includes Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Vince Vaughn, Paul Walter Hauser, Joel McHale, and Bebe Rexha.

Queenpins’ director Aron Gaudet posted on his Instagram in December 2020 that filming had wrapped on the movie. No premiere date or trailer has been released yet for Queenpins but it’s likely to be released in theaters or via a streaming service by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Kristen Bell in The Good Place

The Woman In The House - TBD (Filming)

In October 2020, Kristen Bell’s limited TV series The Woman in the House was announced. It’s a dark comedy and thriller that Bell executive produces and stars in, with Will Ferrell’s company Gloria Sanchez Productions producing it for Netflix. Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson, and Larry Dorf are creators and co-showrunners.

The Woman in the House is set to have eight episodes. The premise sounds like a twist on Rear Window as it focuses on Anna, a woman with a broken heart who meets her handsome neighbor and starts to come out of her funk, only to possibly witness a murder.

The Woman in the House cast includes Tom Riley, Shelley Hennig, Benjamin Levy Aguilar, and Christina Anthony. According to What’s On Netflix and Production Weekly, filming began in January and is expected to conclude in March 2021. Netflix has not announced its release plans for The Woman in the House, but with Bell attached and it sounds like a dark comedy similar to Dead to Me, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to release it during fall 2021, or they could wait to release it in 2022 to fill that missing Dead to Me hole.

Do, Re & Mi Kristen Bell cartoon

Do, Re & Mi-Unknown Release Date(Post-Production)

In 2018, Amazon Studios greenlighted Gaumont's animated lyrical series aimed at younger viewers called Do, Re & Mi. It is created and produced by Jackie Tohn and Michael Scharf. The series will feature original music performed by Kristen Bell. Every episode starts with an adventure and ends with a song. The aim of Do, Re & Mi is to inspire young minds to create their own language around music. Do, Re & Mi’s executive producers believe in music’s ability to help children in many aspects of their lives, including creativity and confidence.

In November 2020, Jazwares announced plans to produce a line of toys based on the Do, Re & Mi characters. The toys are supposed to become available when the series begins airing in 2021. No official release date has been announced but IMDB has the series listed in the post-production phase, so the 2021 release date seems like a go. The bird and music premise match well with the spring and summer months, so I would predict Do, Re & Mi being released in spring or summer 2021, but we'll have to wait and see.

Dax Shepard, Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Bell on The Ellen DeGeneres

Family Game Fight - TBD (Pre-Production)

Kristen Bell will be teaming up with her husband Dax Shepard for another project. This time it will be a game show. NBC has ordered Family Game Fight with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard acting as host and competitors. It will be an hour-long series and NBC has already ordered 10 episodes.

In each episode, Shepard and Bell join a team of families to help them compete in a series of games for a cash prize.The idea for the series came because of Bell and Shepard’s game segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres is also acting as one of the show’s producers. Family Game Fight is currently casting families, so we may see this series premiering in the not-so-distant future.

Adam Scott, Ken Marino, and Kristen Bell in Party Down

Party Down? - TBD (Announced)

In March 2021, Starz announced plans for a Party Down revival. Rob Thomas and others were the creative team behind the original series and plan to return for the revival. Party Down aired on Starz for two seasons in 2009 and 2010. The main cast included Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, and Martin Starr. Kristen Bell had a brief guest appearance on Party Down as Uda Bengt.

There is no word yet on if the original cast will return, but there is definitely a possibility that Bell could return as a guest. Rob Thomas created Veronica Mars and many of the cast from the series appear on Party Down. There seems to be a lot of mutual respect between Thomas and Bell, since she often appears on his shows, including most recently on an episode of iZombie. I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if Bell revives her role as Uda or some other character for the Party Down revival.

There are plenty of Kristen Bell movies and TV shows coming up, so to not miss any of them, make sure to follow our 2021 movie premiere dates and 2021 TV premiere dates schedules for all the latest updates.

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