Silliness Takes Flight In Trailer For Disney's Cars Spinoff Planes

The Walt Disney Company gets a lot of flak for their acquisition of major properties, like Marvel Entertainment, Star Wars, and Pixar. Detractors fear that this institution in family entertainment won't be concern themselves with the integrity of these properties and the characters they've carefully created and cultivated. According to its critics, Disney is only concerned about profits. While the widely praised The Avengers ought to be a counter-argument, Disney's upcoming Planes will probably be counted against them.

Based on the world and design of Pixar's Cars, the simply titled Planes takes the premise of talking vehicles to the high skies. Originally, this was conceived as a straight-to-DVD release, but last December Disney surprised us by announcing the animated adventure had been promoted to a summer theatrical release. Will it be better than Cars 2? Take a look at its new trailer, and decide for yourself.

As you can see from the trailer, Planes will center on Dusty (Jon Cryer) a plucky plane who dreams of racing greatness, despite the fact that he was literally made to crop dust.

As much as I adore many Disney movies and nearly everything Pixar has produced, I'm dubious about this. The Cars movies are generally regarded as second-tier Pixar at best. But with the combined box office totals of the two films coming to more than $1 billion worldwide, it is pretty clear that second-tier Pixar is good enough for audiences all over the globe. Numbers like these could easily inspire spin-offs on their own, but remember there's also the massive amount of money made from merchandizing of the Cars characters. Unfortunately, neither of these inspirations encourage me to think Planes will be as innovative or imaginative as Pixar's first tier.

Planes will open August 9th.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.