With October kicking off and plenty of people in the mood for a good scare, it's awesome to have a horror movie out there that's apparently scary as hell… and actually good. Sinister is racking up far stronger reviews than you usually see for horror movies, and now it's got the box office behind it as well.

According to the early numbers at Deadline, Sinister made $1 million in midnight screenings last night at 1,494 locations-- including some 10 p.m. Thursday night screenings as well, which I'm willing to round up to midnight. Deadline says Taken 2 is still likely to win the weekend as a holdover, and Argo should come in right behind it-- but Sinister may now have the power to surprise the other new release Here Comes The Boom, or maybe even the strong holdover Hotel Transylvania.

We'll have more updated numbers from the Friday box office to you tomorrow, and as always, a full weekend report on Sunday. In the meantime you can read Eric's somewhat less enthusiastic review, or you can also check out the reviews for the two movies that we gave five-star reviews: Argo and Seven Psychopaths. It's a good weekend to go to the movies! Get out there!

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