We learned yesterday Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse is interested in casting both Thor and Catwoman, and now it would appear that the Oscar winning filmmaker has his eye on Q as well.

While nothing is set in stone yet - much like the situation with Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway - Variety says that dreamworks and 20th Century Fox are very interested in having Ben Whishaw, who plays James Bond's quartermaster in the upcoming film Skyfall, play a role in Spielberg's adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson's sci-fi novel. No official offer has been made yet, but according to the trade's sources the actor has been at the top of DreamWork's wishlist since the start of the casting process. While no specific details are given, apparently the studio is interested in having him play a character named Lurker, a computer hacker (probably a good asset in the war of robots vs. humans).

Adapted by Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard, Robopocalypse is set in a distant future where man has become completely dependent on their robotic workers. This way of life backfires, however, when the mechanical beings become sentient and rebel against humanity. Hemsworth is currently negotiation for a role while Hathaway has simply been approached to play the female lead.

In addition to Skyfall, which is directed by Sam Mendes and due out on November 9th, Whishaw also plays multiple roles in the Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer's Cloud Atlas, which played at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month and will be in theaters on October 26th.

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