While Stephen Moyer’s well known for being among the more powerful beings among Bon Temps’ residents in HBO’s True Blood, he’s the one being pursued in the upcoming film The Barrens, which follows a family into the woods for a camping trip in New Jersey where the supposedly-mythical New Jersey Devil may be on the hunt.

News of Moyer’s casting in the film began circulating last month. With Darren Lynn Bousman set to direct, the movie will take place in New Jersey, but it’s being filmed in Canada. ShockTillYouDrop.com posted these photos (as well as a few others you can check out at their site), which features Moyer not looking very happy. Considering the film has him possibly being pursued by a monster, and falling “violently ill,” it’s understandable that his character might not be in the best mood in this movie. Family vacations don’t always turn out the way you expect them to.

In this first one, there’s stuff hanging from a line, which reminds me of the scene in The Blair Witch Project when they woke up to find stuff hanging between the trees surrounding their tent.

In this one, Moyer looks sick and a woman (presumably his wife) is checking his temperature. Even Bill Compton doesn’t look quite that pale.

Finally, this one has him yelling at a bunch of people who look like kids. Kids camping in the woods when there’s a big monster out there? That never ends well.

View the rest of the images here.. The Barrens should hit theaters in 2012.

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