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As Robert Rodriquez's Machete Kills nears its June start date, more and more compelling cast announcements are being made. The latest from Variety not only confirms rumors that Mel Gibson will play the evil arms dealer whose out-of-this-world ambitions spurs the U.S. government to call on the help of Danny Trejo's titular Grindhouse badass, but also reveals Modern Family firecracker Sofia Vergara has entered talks to join the feature's growing group of femme fatales. That list already includes Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez and Amber Heard. Should she sign on, Vergara would slide into a sure-to-be scandalous leather outfit to play the role of Madame Desdemona, a brassy brothel-owner whose Mexican harlots posses information that Machete sorely needs.

Undoubtedly the part would prove a change of pace for Vergara, whose recent film efforts favored family-friendly, slapstick-slathered reboots, like The Smurfs and The Three Stooges. Here, in the sequel to the unapologetically deranged Machete, she'd have the opportunity take on something subversive and shocking. Moreover, as Machete Kills has also secured 2012 Oscar winner Demian Bichir, this could give Vergara the chance to share screentime with an internationally heralded film star. But perhaps the main draw of Machete Kills is that Rodriguez's schlock homage sounds like it will be a hell of a lot of fun to make.

Regardless of her reasoning, I'm pulling for Vergara to sign on. She has a wild exhuberance in her acting that makes her fun to watch no matter the project. But paired with the uniquely compelling Danny Trejo, I suspect sparks will really fly.

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