I'm almost tempted not to tell you guys about this to increase the chances of winning one for myself, but here we go anyway. If you're at Comic Con this week, you've got the chance to win one of five exclusive, limited edition T-shirt for Django Unchained-- and unlike most of the swag T-shirts you're going to see floating around, these are actually awesome. But you can't just stroll up to Django Land, located in adjacent baseball stadium Petco Park, and pick one up. The Weinstein Company has turned the giveaway into their very own bounty hunt.

First up, take a look at the T-shirt you can win, and make sure to memorize what it looks like.

There will be six "outlaws" walking around the convention all day today, and if you spot one of them, you should walk up to them and say the secret code-- "The D is silent." The outlaw won't shoot you, like most outlaws would, but will hand you a coin that enables you to win one of five T-shirts over at Django Land, in addition to other prizes. And if you want a leg up in the hunt, you can visit the film's Facebook page for hints about where the outlaws will be.

Click on the image below to see all the T-shirt designs, and keep a sharp eye out! And hey, if you happen to win one of these shirts and you don't like, I'm a size medium and I'll be around Comic Con until Sunday. Just saying!

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