Stallone And Schwarzenegger Reteaming For The Tomb

Though both Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been making films since the 1970s (technically Schwarzenegger's career started in 1969), it wasn't until 2010's The Expendables that the two action legends finally shared the screen. Lucky for us it's not a one-off thing: Schwarzenegger is set to come back for The Expendables 2 and now it has been announced that they will be working together again on The Tomb.

While the team-up was rumored early last month, a press release has confirmed the story. Also new is that Swedish filmmaker Mikael Håfström, who is best known for making Derailed, 1408, and The Rite, will be helming the project. Based on a script by Miles Chapman that was rewritten by Jason Keller, the story follows a man named Ray Breslin (Stallone), who is the greatest structural security expert in the world. His skills are put to the test, however, when he is framed for a crime he didn't commit and thrown into one of the prisons that he helped make. In order for him to escape, he must discover who it was that actually committed the crime.

Schwarzenegger will be playing a man named Church, who is described as being "a complex inmate with multiple shades of grey" and is the guy that helps keep all of the criminals hopeful for a life beyond the prison walls. The name of the character is interesting, as it's also the name of Bruce Willis' character in The Expendables, with whom both Stallone and Schwarzenegger share a scene.

The Tomb is scheduled to start production this spring in Louisiana.

Eric Eisenberg
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