The new issue of Entertainment Weekly, in addition to sporting a wicked awesome Watchmen cover, contains their big, Comic Con blowout. In amongst the images, is the image to your right: Our first ever look at the characters of Star Trek.

It seems Paramount won’t be bothering to bring Star Trek at Comic Con, instead they'll have someone standing around to hand out character one sheets to the convention’s geeks. There are four which, when put together, form the Star Trek logo. And that’s about as much effort as they'll be putting into promoting their movie to the very audience which cares about it most.

In the top left corner is Eric Bana as Nero. We’d heard he was playing a Romulan in the film, but he looks more like a Gothulan to me. In the top right is Zoe Saldana as Uhura, bottom left your first look at Quinto in his ears, bottom right your first look at the new Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine. See Comic Con stuff over at EW.

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