J.J. Abrams may be insanely secretive about the plots of his upcoming movies, but he's also encouraging you to dig to find out. Why else would he hide tidbits of information within his trailers, to the point that you have to go through it frame by frame to unlock secrets-- or, in this case, the brand-new poster that you see above.

Hidden deep inside a single shot of the newest Star Trek Into Darkness trailer is a link that will take you to the new poster you see above. Spotted by Trek Movie, here's the screenshot in question (click to enlarge):

Did you spot the URL in the background? Yeah, I can't blame you if you were distracted by Alice Eve's bangin' underwear, but it's back there somewhere. Actually there were URLs hidden in different spots for each version of the international trailer-- the UK and Australia were challenged to look past the underwear, Brazil had to look over Benedict Cumberbatch's shoulder, and the Russians had to peek way in the background. TrekMovie did the work to find them, if you want to click over and see the evidence of a mighty impressive scavenger hunt.

This isn't the first time a Trek trailer has included a hidden URL-- remember the viral site hidden in that killer shot of Cumberbatch staring through the glass?-- but this is by far the most elaborate, as Paramount really kicks into high gear marketing the movie that comes to theaters May 17. That's just two months away! For more in-depth looks behind the scenes of the movie you can revisit Eric's report from Bad Robot, or just click here for everything else we know about it.

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