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Twitter was a hotbed of Internet fanboys warnings over the weekend when it was revealed that CBS Sunday Morning gave up a key spoiler regarding the “secret” identity of the Star Trek Into Darkness villain played by the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch. Additionally, Conan O’Brien was called out by for allegedly giving up major Trek spoilers … only O’Brien says they were joking on his show. And as you can see above, he decided to take the joke even further.

The Enterprise crashes on Tattooine? Spock dies?? Kirk is gay?!? These are Earth-shattering revelations … and they are all bogus. Not as bogus as the blatant reveal dropped on CBS Sunday Morning (and do avoid Google searching for the clip if you don’t want to peek in J.J. Abrams’ vaunted “Mystery Box” before seeing Into Darkness later this week). For all you know, Cumberbatch is playing someone named John Harrison. And everyone will feel his wrath.

I don’t know about you, but I’m nearing my breaking point with all of the “mystery” surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness. It was fun for a while, but now that the rest of the world has started screening the film – it opened overseas days before it reaches the States – the process of avoiding major spoilers online is torturous. And unnecessary. Opening a major movie like Star Trek at the same time in every global market is fair and just. Making a major chunk of your audience wait – as Paramount is making the U.S. fanbase wait – only means all of the top “secrets” will have been spoiled long before the movie even opens here. So thanks for that.

Congratulations if you somehow have managed to go into complete radio silence and avoided the key points of Into Darkness. The movie opens in theaters later this week. Are you still planning on going?

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