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We've been waiting patiently for a glimpse behind the scenes of Star Wars: Episode VII, but we admit, we didn't quite expect it to happen like this. Latino Review's El Mayimbe has dug up a post from a different Star Wars fan site, Obi Wants To Know Me, where a Lucasfilm employee appears to be looking for fan reactions to a a recent rumor-- one that started at Latino Review, it's worth noting-- that Alex Pettyfer and Rachel Hurd-Wood were in the running for roles. Here's a screenshot of the post below:

Here's why this carries more weight than your average fan forum post. Obi Wants To Know Me is a site actually founded by Lucasfilm, and with the express purpose of getting feedback from hardcore Star Wars fans. According to this post, from another fan site, Spencer-- the guy who wrote this post-- was also the one seeking out members for the forum; that appears to be this guy, who is a real human being. We've reached out to Disney to try and get a confirmation from Lucasfilm that this post does indeed come from inside the company, which is of course, the entire reason it's important. But the fact that the post from a closed-off community that actually requires signing a non-disclosure agreement to join has leaked probably means we won't see anything quite this open again if it is legit.

So… does this mean that they're trying to cast Alex Pettyfer and Rachel Hurd-Wood? If the post is real, it means they're at least thinking strongly about it. Unlike names like Benedict Cumberbatch and Ryan Gosling, Pettyfer and especially Hurd-Wood are the kinds of up-and-comers who you could put in a franchise like Star Wars: Episode VII, fresh faces whose star power won't get in the way of the many, many other things about Star Wars for fans to be excited about. Hurd-Wood in particular is a real unknown, most famous for her performance as a child in 2003's Peter Pan and a role in 2006's Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, but Pettyfer is relatively low-profile too, overshadowed as the lead in last summer's Magic Mike by a fleet of more charismatic hunks. Personally I'd rather see the return of Jar-Jar Binks than Pettyfer in another starring role, but I'm not a member of Obi Wants To Know Me, so nobody's asking me.

Again: this is not confirmation that Pettyfer or Hurd-Wood has been cast. At most it's confirmation that Lucasfilm is considering casting them-- and we have no idea how many other people might be in the running. We don't have a direct line to Lucasfilm the way this forum does, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments anyway.

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