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Star Wars Episode VII May Shoot And Do Visual Effects Work In London

They're so firmly entrenched in pop culture legend that many of us want to believe the Star Wars films actually were shot somewhere in outer space. But even though J.J. Abrams will probably have all the money in the world to shoot Star Wars: Episode VII in the next year or so, that won't be enough to get him into orbit (yet). So how about London, England subbing for a galaxy far, far away this time?

According to The Wrap, Industrial Light and Magic is looking at opening up a brand-new production facility in the United Kingdom, as they prepare for what ought to be the gargantuan task of kicking off a new Star Wars trilogy (plus assorted spinoffs). The Wrap suggests that the film may be partly shot in London, but the ILM expansion would be strictly about the visual effects-- they're even considering installing a new fiber-optic cable for faster communication with the home office in San Francisco.

The move to London, as you might guess, is partly inspired by the tax breaks offered in the United Kingdom-- it's why ILM opened up an office in Vancouver last year too. These tax breaks make it a whole lot easier to outsource effects work and cause chaos in the visual effects world, but ILM is currently swearing they won't close up shop in San Francisco, so there might not be cause for alarm… yet. Meanwhle, those of us who are mostly interested in the finished product can start wondering just what kind of far-away planets a London shooting location will give us. Any Star Wars experts out there know of an obscure planet that has the Thames River flowing through it?

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend