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Steve Carell And Tina Fey Get Married

Shawn Levy has put together a comedy dream pairing for his new movie Date Night. Variety reports that he’s landed Tina Fey and Steve Carell to play husband and wife in the film.

The movie follows them around as a routine date night turns into something, well, crazy. For some reason I have Adventures in Babysitting in my head, except without the kids. Or maybe it’ll be Pineapple Express without the drugs. I hope it’s not Pineapple Express without the drugs. Pineapple really needs drugs in order to be even marginally funny.

Steve has already had big success in the movies, Tina Fey though isn’t quite as established as a box office draw. Her comedy Baby Mama did marginally well, and was marginally well received, but it wasn’t exactly a 40 Year-Old Virgin. Meanwhile her TV show may be critically acclaimed, but it gets terrible ratings. Nobody, except me apparently, is watching. I love Tina Fey, and not just in a creepy stalker way. I really hope that pairing her up with Steve will get her the kind of attention she deserves but so far, hasn’t exactly been getting from the audience mainstream.