Everyone’s favorite man-o-lantern Steve Carell is one of the busiest comedians in Hollywood. Not only is he the star of the disgustingly popular NBC series The Office, but he has three films in post-production and another ten or so in development lined up for the next year. The man is a well-oiled comedy machine who’s at the top and still climbing.

THR announced today that one of those many projects in development may soon have a directing tag team in the form of Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. The pair has worked together their entire career mostly at the pen, but recently directing their own script for I Love You, Phillip Morris. Their writing credits include Bad Santa,and that lovable talking animals film Cats and Dogs. Requa also wrote eight episodes of the late 90’s cartoon Angry Beavers which is where I gain confidence for the Carell project. Seriously, that show is hilarious.

Looking at their resume and at the various Phillip Morris clips, the dynamic duo of Requa and Ficarra seem to have a handle on comedy. Expect the pairing with Carell to yield great results.

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