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This Sunday a group of guys in tight pants will attempt to defeat another group of guys in tight pants. Yeah we’re movie nerds and as such we have limited interest in whether the Colts can defeat the Saints. Call me when one of them changes their team name to the Orson Welles. Just imagine the mascot possibilities! While your average film geek may not be up on who’s doing what with the pigskin, that doesn’t mean we won’t be watching. We’ll be watching for the trailers.

Super Bowl Sunday is about more than just football, millions tune in simply to watch the commercials and historically, Hollywood has only been too happy to jump on the advertising band wagon. Each year the Super Bowl plays host to brand new trailers for some of the year’s most heavily anticipated movies. Super Bowl XLIV is sure to be loaded with amazing new movie content and below we’ve got your comprehensive guide to everything you should be keeping an eye out for, whenever the network breaks away from the football field to show something interesting. You’ll find this exciting bunch of movie trailers, wedged in between beer commercials. We'll update this page with direct links or embedded videos for each trailer, as they become available online. Check back regularly after the game kicks off on Sunday for instant updates.


The Last Airbender - This one is Paramount’s big Super Bowl push. M. Night Shyamalan is back and this time he’s not foisting some marginally creepy thriller with an unsurprising twist at the end. Instead it’s an adaptation of the popular cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender in which a kid controls the elements. The Super Bowl spot is already online, packed with new, eye-popping Last Airbender footage. Don’t miss it:

Shutter Island - As they did with The Last Airbender, Paramount leaked their Shutter Island trailer online early. It’s a lot of what you’ve already seen from the film but creepier and quicker and with more freaked out looking Leo DiCaprio. It’s worth a look. Check it out:


Robin Hood - There will be no shortage of big trailers released during the Super Bowl this weekend. I’m hoping for really big things from Toy Story 3. But no trailer, no matter how big, is likely to contain more shouting than this one, for Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood. Watch it right now:

The Wolfman - The Wolfman is a sure bet to show up with a trailer during the Super Bowl... and here it is:

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - While there won’t be any sign of a trailer for the upcoming Harry Potter movie, Universal did air something to advertise the company’s new Harry Potter theme park, located at Islands of Adventure. The spot is now online. Watch happy vacationers riding off to adventure on the Hogwarts Express below.


Alice in Wonderland - Disney's Alice in Wonderland trailer debuted, and was everything we expected. Mad Hatter, Red Queen, you know the drill. Don't be late, watch the Alice in Wonderland Super Bowl trailer below:

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - Disney delivered with a great, action-packed, 30-second spot for Jake Gyllenhaal's Prince of Persia. Here it is:

Toy Story 3 - Unfortunately, as we feared, Toy Story 3 was a complete Super Bowl no show. Remember the good times with Buzz and Woody's Super Bowl appearance from 2008 below:

Pre And Post-Show Trailers

The Back-Up Plan - CBS Films ran a horror-themed trailer for their Jennifer Lopez pregnancy comedy at some point during the night. Did you see it? I didn't, but now it's online. Here you go:

The Crazies - We’ve already seen a lot from The Crazies and horror fans seem excited. Even with so much footage from the film already out there, Overture found a way to do something fresh with their Super Bowl ad time. Here's their spot for The Crazies:

Brooklyn's Finest - The Super Bowl may seem like a strange place to advertise what is basically an arthouse film, but this is an arthouse film with star power and lots of guns. Here's the Super Bowl trailer for the new film from Training Day director Anton Fuqua, Brooklyn's Finest.:


Warner Bros. hasn’t purchased a Super Bowl since 2008, and word is that they don’t plan to do so this year either. If they surprise us with something, we’ll post it here.
20th Century Fox

Fox is another studio that’s avoided the Super Bowl since 2008. They aren’t expected to change their stance any time soon. If they surprise us and sneak in an ad buy, we’ll let you know.

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