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Last night I inadvertently found myself watching Heartbeeps. It was on HBO last night. I’d been drinking grain alcohol and that combines with the soul sucking power of the film sapped whatever strength I had left inside of me which might have been used to reach for the remote. Today when I started watching the first trailer for Surrogates I had, just for a second, a Heartbeeps flashback. I’m not sure why. After all this movie isn’t about robots finding love but about human beings possessing the bodies of robots to run around and do whatever the heck they want without fear of being killed by Bruce Willis. Still. Heartbeeps. Just can’t get it out of my head.

Below is the first trailer for Bruce Willis’s new robotic thriller Surrogates. Watch him solve crimes with an alternate, folicled, robot version of himself in high-res over at Moviefone or embedded below: