Survivor Host Jeff Probst To Direct Indie Drama Kiss Me, Starring John Corbett

You may only know Jeff Probst as the long-time host of CBS's Survivor, but he also happens to be a filmmaker. Back in 2001 he wrote and directed a small film called Finder's Fee, a thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, James Earl Jones, Matthew Lillard and Robert Forster. Since then he has hosted 357 episodes of survivor over 12 seasons and hasn't made a movie since. It would seem now that the bug has gotten him again, because he's ready to return behind the camera.

THR has learned that Probst is now attached to direct a film titled Kiss Me that will star John Corbett and Sarah Bolger. Described as an indie drama, the story follows a young girl (Bolger) who is forced to wear a back brace due to a case of scoliosis and must deal with "her mother, her best friend and a married man (Corbett) whose kids she babysits." Liz Sarnoff, who is best known as a writer and producer on Lost (as well as Alcatraz) wrote the script. The film is scheduled to go into production next month in Los Angeles.

There's something quite funny about the host of Survivor and a writer on Lost teaming up together to make a movie, particularly one about a teenager in a back brace. You'd think that pairing wouldn't be able to come up with anything but ideas about people trying to live on a deserted island. In fact, allow me to pitch this right now: Probst and Sarnoff Present Gilligan's Island: The Movie. That would make millions.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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