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Studios are so down on foreign-language films nowadays that they are putting remakes into development even before the original has been released. Take, for example, the French crime thriller Sleepless Night. Directed by Frédéric Jardin, the movie was a hit at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month and is getting great reactions from the on-going Fantastic Fest, but it was recently announced that Warner Bros. is already planning an English language remake. While this isn't necessarily a disaster - we have to remember that the Best Picture-winning The Departed was an English language remake - it would be nice if the original movie got some exposure before being swallowed by Hollywood. While the movie doesn't have a US release date yet, at least we have a trailer.

Posted by Twitch, the preview probably isn't going to make a lot of sense to some people (it's pretty dialogue heavy and only in French) but it still looks pretty damn cool. Check it out.

Set over the course of one night, Sleepless Night is about a dirty cop named Vincent (Tomer Sisley) who orchestrates a drug heist that goes terribly wrong. Though he was able to get away with a massive amount of cocaine, he suffers from a stab wound, but that's only the beginning of his problems: the coke that he stole belongs to a powerful mob boss who has kidnapped Vincent's son as revenge for the robbery. The movie will play in France on November 16th, but hopefully it will also get US distribution so that we can see it too.

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