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Earlier today the first ever trailer for The A-Team leaked online in a somewhat grainy, pixilated format. But that’s not the way you want to see it. You’re not a wanted criminal surviving as a soldier for hire. If you have a trailer, if you really want to watch it, and if you can find it in the right format, then you should watch The A-Team trailer in high def. Well here it is.

The A-Team trailer is in something closer to HD right here and below we’ve got a quick and easy to watch embedded version along with tons of high-res screencaps taken straight from the trailer so you can get a close-up view of Rampage Jackson’s Mr. T Mohawk (or see the blink and you’ll miss it shot of Bradley Cooper sticking his hand in Jessica Biel’s clothing) and complete lack of gold jewelry. Come on dude, how hard is it to put on a couple of necklaces? I love it when a plan comes together:

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