Watchmen finally came out this weekend after months of legal battles between Fox and Warner Brothers. Eventually the two studios came to an agreement, but you have to admit the argument kept the movie in the press, giving the film lots of free advertising. Now Terminator Salvation may get a similar benefit, thanks to a legal battle between the producers of the movie.

Variety reports that producer Moritz Borman is suing the Halcyon Co. banner, along with fellow producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, alleging the other producers are guilty of fraud, resulting in Borman not receiving his producer salary. Borman helped get the rights for the Terminator franchise for Halcyon as well as secured financing for Terminator Salvation, and then was allegedly stiffed on half of his $5 million producing fee.

Interestingly, the story says that Borman’s salary isn’t the only financial issue that has gone on behind the scenes of Terminator Salvation. Allegedly, Anderson and Kubicek “hijacked” the production as it completed filming, but didn’t have the funds to finance the picture, defaulting on loans and going into debt to creditors. You’d think a major franchise like Terminator wouldn’t run into problems like that, but Borman indicates the other producing partners have been sued previously for similar behavior.

Since this is between producers and not on the level of studios at war, I wouldn’t expect the latest Terminator picture to benefit much from this lawsuit. Instead it looks like a glimpse into the shady side of filmmaking, and perhaps a commentary on the level of confidence the new Terminator film secured when it came to financing the project.

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