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Terrence Howard Replaced In Iron Man 2

For anyone looking forward to Terrence Howard’s “next time” in Iron Man 2, there’s bad news. HR reports that Howard is out of the sequel and Don Cheadle is in instead.

In Iron Man, Terrence Howard played Tony Stark’s friend Jim Rhodes. In the comics, Rhodes eventually dons his own suit of power armor to fight alongside Tony, a future alluded to by Howard’s “next time” line in the first film. Howard himself, had seemed enthusiastic about the possibility of a growing role in the future of Iron Man. Unfortunately, it seems things have fallen apart and Marvel has gone with a cheaper option. Surprisingly, that option is Don Cheadle.

Though any fan of the franchise will no doubt hate to see Howard replaced, you really can’t go wrong by replacing him with Cheadle, every bit his equal when it comes to acting chops. From a talent perspective, this is a lateral move, and luckily too since Rhodes is expected to play a bigger role in the sequel. Whether that means he’ll actually get to go superheroing with Tony remains to be seen.

The rest of the cast however, is headed back on to Tony Stark’s superhero stripper pole. Favreau is of course directing with Robert Downey Jr. starring as Tony. Gwyneth Paltrow is also likely to return as plucky girl love interest Pepper Potts.