Thandie Newton, Jason Isaacs and David Tennant Cast in Retreat

Everyone enjoys a nice vacation. They are relaxing, fun, and you don't have to worry about anything... except for murderers, killer viruses, and organ harvesters. Or at least that is what the movies tell us. There is a long and plentiful history of shit going wrong on holiday in film, and with the help of the British, the list is getting even longer.

ScreenDaily is reporting that Thandie Newton, Jason Isaacs and David Tennant have all joined the cast of Retreat, a "psychological thriller" from Magnet Films. The film centers on a married couple (Newton and Isaacs) who take a trip to a remote island so that they may rebuild their relationship, but are interrupted when a dying man in military uniform (Tennant) shows up and tells them that a deadly virus has broken out on the mainland. The film will be directed by newcomer Carl Tibbetts and is based on a script by Tibbetts and partner Janice Hallett.

The cast is top notch, but does anyone else feel that the memo got misdirected at some point? Isaacs is a solid nine years older than Newton, while Tennant is only a year younger. Toss that fact on top of the idea that Isaacs is a creepy bastard that would seem better suited for the role of "the mysterious stranger." Obviously I haven't read the script and it is more than likely that these details are accounted for, but I'm just putting it out there: typos do happen.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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