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It was magical when I was younger and the big three came in a row: Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. At some point, I started getting weirded out when decorations for the latter holiday began popping up before the turkey in my stomach even began to digest. At some point later, Halloween became an acceptable time to start talking about gifts and eggnog. This year, Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment is really jumping the gun, putting together three holiday movie sets featuring Santa’s kid, a Christmas miracle, and one of those small town Christmas pageants that will be sure to exude Christmas spirit, even in October.

The first flick popping on to DVD is Annie Claus is Coming to Town, a flick that inconceivably places Santa’s daughter, Annie, in modern day Los Angeles, where she must choose a new mate to take over as Santa Claus. Legit. This gem of a film will hit DVD on October 9th.

If you are looking for more heartwarming tales to cheer you up while you toast your toes near the fire, October 16 will be a better date to look for Christmas movies. The first, Christmas Miracle will tell the difficult tale of eight strangers stuck in a church due to a blizzard during the holiday season. The second, The Christmas Pageant, is about a woman who must slow down and adapt to moving from a big city stage production to a small town Christmas pageant. Slowing down may even rekindle a little love in the director's life. Both Annie Claus is Coming to Town and The Christmas Pageant have the fortune to be Hallmark original flicks, so you know the quality is going to be awesome.

It’s always kind of nice to sit around and watch some charming--and probably a little silly--Christmas flicks. These definitely won’t break your wallet—they’ll only cost fans $14.93.

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