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Tim Olyphant Lives The High Life

Timothy Olyphant is living the High Life. He got to blow things up opposite Bruce Willis in the baddest of bad movie franchises with Live Free or Die Hard this summer. He played a manly, mustachioed, killer cowboy in Deadwood. In a few weeks, he’ll be on screen shooting things and making out with babes in Hitman. Timothy Olyphant is not the kind of man who pays $11.50 for a hamburger. He knows the High Life. In fact, he’s not just living the High Life, he’s about to star in it too.

Variety says Olyphant and Joe Anderson have been hired to star in a Gary Yates directed adaptation called High Life. It’s an adaptation of a play, so there probably won’t be a lot of the consuming of red meat involved. Instead, it’s a comedic caper flick about bank robbers. I bet bank robbers drink Miller. Throw in a few burps and it sounds like the High Life to me.