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Tina Fey In Talks To Join The Muppets Sequel

Adding Tina Fey to just about anything makes it better – from the Golden Globes (which she’ll host alongside BFF Amy Poehler) to an episode of iCarley where she memorably played herself. Now she’s joining a project that we already were pretty geeked about, making a potential sequel that much more memorable.

Fey is in negotiations to star in the still-developing Muppets sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The 30 Rock creator and star would join previously-cast leading man Ricky Gervais (whom some on the site don’t want) as the human characters interacting with Kermit, Miss Piggy and the crew as they embark on a European adventure. According to the trade, she will be playing the female lead, a Russian gulag prison guard. Ty Burrell of Modern Family also has been cast at this point of the development, playing an Interpol agent. James Bobin, who helmed the surprise hit from two years back, will return to guide the sequel.

Fey, obviously, is awesome, and her dry, sardonic humor should blend perfectly with the self-referential wit of the Muppets. She’s good in just about anything she attempts (if you dial in to her brand of humor), and hearing that she’s game for a Muppets movie just makes us more excited for the project’s potential.

Fey also has been beefing up her film resume now that 30 Rock is coming to an end. In addition to Date Night and a cameo in The Invention of Lying (also with Gervais), Fey is set to co-star in Admission, a character-driven comedy with Paul Rudd and Nat Wolff that’s due in theaters later this year.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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