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Tobey Maguire Buys Man's Soul

Some of you may have already heard of Gerald Fraller. I hadn’t until tonight, but now I’m interested. Gerald Fraller is a 29-year-old guy who is selling his soul online.

By now we’re all numb to these sell-out get rich quick schemes. People have sold all sorts of things to corporate America for a quick buck. Usually though, it’s just their name or the names of their first born children. Gerald Fraller is selling the rights to his afterlife, and while he’s at it a lot of his current life as well. If you get his soul, you also get the rights to things a piece of all his current and future income, the names of his kids, and even his wedding date.

You can read about him on, and what sets him apart from all the others who have done something similar is that the guy doesn’t sound like a scumbag. Maybe I’m a sucker, but he actually sounds sincere when he says, “I am selling my soul so that people can see that they do not need to sell their souls in order to be happy.” No really! His point is that every day we all sell a piece of our soul for something. Whether it’s in pursuit of the perfect job or the perfect life, we, as he puts it, “conform to the strict standards of society, stamp out our creativity and awe of the world, conform to the mold, take our place in the box, and go through life like a drone.”

Visit to see why I’m so taken with him. The guy is apparently legitimate, and the way he portrays himself on his website he seems smart, articulate, and genuine. The new twist in his story though is that I’m not the only one who thinks he’s interesting. Apparently Tobey Maguire has latched onto him too, and wants to make a movie out of his life. Fraller is selling his soul to Hollywood, just like everyone else.

Variety says Maguire’s production company has bought the rights and they’re planning to produce him as a feature film. Good news for whoever gets his soul, since you’ll get a piece of the action on that as well. So far there’s no decision on what direction to go with the film, they’re still looking for a writer to adapt Fraller. The weird thing is that Maguire actually looks a little like Fraller. Whether or not Tobey plays him probably depends on the script, but as long as it’s with his production company there’s a chance. Whatever they come up with, I’m interested.