For much of his career Tobey Maguire has been playing the brand of aww-shucks good-guy that made him the perfect Peter Parker. His wide-eyed gaze, baby face and gentle tone make him an affable everyman who is easy to root for. But after completing Sami Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, Maguire muddied the waters and broadened his casting niche by playing a veteran tormented by post-traumatic stress disorder and dangerously suspicious of his wife's fidelity in Jim Sheridan's Brothers. He played against type and showed us he could handle a darker character.

Now with The Details, writer-director Jacob Aaron Estes's follow-up to the crime drama Mean Creek, Maguire doesn't just step out of his typical niche, he turns his type on its head. In this bracing black comedy, Maguire plays Jeff, a seemingly average family man with a lovely wife (Elizabeth Banks) and an adorable curly haired moppet. But his idyllic home life is unexpectedly thrown into the balance once a family of raccoons infests his backyard. Check out the trailer below—courtesy of Yahoo—to get a taste of this seriously strange comedy's acerbic tone:

It's jarring to see the sweet-faced star who charmed America with Pleasantville and Spider-Man play the kind of cad who cheats on his wife, wrecks homes and makes Elizabeth Banks cry! But that's exactly what makes this trailer so electric. The wild humor and vivid colors speak to Este's strong vision for the strange infidelity story, but seeing Maguire play such a scoundrel gives the film an added jolt. Also boasting a cast that includes Kerry Washington, Laura Linney, Dennis Haysbert and Ray Liotta, The Details looks like a razor-sharp comedy not to be missed.

The Details opens November 2nd.

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