Tony Scott Reveals More Details About His Warriors Remake

Tony Scott has a lot-- a lot-- of projects on his dance card and he swears up and down he'll make every single one of them. While it's possible he'll pass a few along to one of the other directors hanging around his Scott Free productions, he's confident about one of them getting made-- a remake, or a reimagining, or reboot, or whatever, of 1979's The Warriors.

We already know thanks to his conversation with Rotten Tomatoes that he's setting the new movie amid the gang culture of Los Angeles. But at this morning's roundtable interview for The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, he gave a lot more details about his plans for the film, to the point that it almost sounded like was describing individual shots.

"L.A. is now the city of the future," he told us, maybe deliberately evoking the vision of L.A. his brother Ridley put forward in Blade Runner. "If it's the Warriors, it's sunset and it's quiet. I've got a whole different feel. I'm letting it breathe in a different way."

As for the event that kicks off the movie, the killing of gag leader Cyrus, Scott is planning for some serious mayhem. "Then on the Vincent Thomas bridge, which is Long Beach, you have a thousand gang members up there, then Cyrus goes bang. It's almost like 9/11, bodies coming off, it just goes ballistic. Then these guys have got to get from the Vincent Thomas back to Venice, through all these different gang territories. And it becomes anarchy. The gangs are meeting, they're meeting for a truce. Just like they were in the original. But once that truce is broken, they go back to their turf. And our guys, the Warriors, they've got to get back to their turf, back to Venice."

So, as Scott promised earlier, he really does seem to be keeping much of the similar plot from the original film, as much as he swears up and down it's not a remake. And when Tony Scott promises that a scene is going ballistic, you can be guaranteed there is going to be some insanity going on. Swooping cameras! Lightning fast editing!

We'll have more from my interview with Scott later today, but for now, just revel in all the crazy possibilities this new Tony Scott Warriors might have to offer.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend