Total Recall Director Len Wiseman Talks The Future, Glowing Tattoos, And The Film's Missing Cameo

Thanks to the science-fiction genre, audiences have seen hundreds if not thousands of versions of our possible future. From utopias to dystopias, chrome-covered wonderlands to deserted wastelands, filmmakers have spent years giving us new ideas about what things will be like hundreds of years from now. So how did director Len Wiseman create his future vision for Total Recall?

This past weekend I was granted the opportunity to speak with the filmmaker about his latest movie and was lucky enough to get our conversation on video. Check out the interview below in which Wiseman talks not just about crafting his vision of the future, but also what it was like working with his wife, Kate Beckinsale, as the villain this time around, the preference of the practical over the digital, and the film’s strange missing cameo.

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Eric Eisenberg
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