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With all due respect to Scorsese’s very excellent Shutter Island, Toy Story 3 is the first must see movie of 2010. The film is already well on its way to being the best reviewed Pixar movie of all time. Critics seem to think it’s Pixar’s best movie, and with their track record, that’s saying a lot. This is an animation studio which has never made a bad movie.

If you love Pixar, if you love movies, if you love things that are good, grab everyone you know and get to a movie theater this weekend to see it. Once you see it, we want to know what you think. Come back here and share your opinion of Toy Story 3 by sounding off in our comments section below, by talking back to us on Twitter and Facebook, and most importantly by casting your vote in the official Pixar poll below. You’ve seen them all, we want to know which Pixar movie is your favorite. Is Toy Story 3 their best movie? You decide.

Which movie is Pixar's best?

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