Elizabeth Banks will be playing three roles in the next few months that are about as different from one another as it gets. First she's the First Lady in W., then an amateur porn star in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and finally next January she'll take on the role of wicked stepmother in the horror remake The Uninvited. The movie looks like yet another unoriginal remake of an Asian horror movie-- the original was Korean movie A Tale of Two Sisters-- but the presence of Banks and David Strathairn raises the interest level a tiny bit.

IGN debuted the trailer you see below, which sets up the basic concept of two sisters discovering through ghosts that their new stepmother may have murdered the family she babysat before. Cue the images of creepy kids, weird things popping out of nowhere to startle you, and a handful of young starlets looking terrified. Like I said, probably just another Asian horror remake, but when it comes out in January, maybe we'll be so sick of all the good winter movies that we'll be ready for it.

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