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This year’s San Diego Comic Con was an explosion of Tron awesome. The movie has a title (Tron: Legacy) and we’ve seen amazing concept art. But… we still haven’t seen any actual footage. That debuted at last year’s Comic Con but for some reason it never made it onto the internet in anything other than grainy, almost indecipherable bootlegs. Until now that is.

It took an entire year, but the Tron: Legacy teaser footage is now online in glorious, beautiful, high-resolution. They’ve modified it a little, turned it into a bona fide teaser trailer for Tron: Legacy, complete with a Legacy title card at the end. Odds are the film itself will look a little different, since this footage was originally made simply as an effects test, but it gives you some idea of what they’re going for. What they’re going for is some of the most eye-popping visuals you’ll see anywhere.

Watch it below or get extreme HD links here.

And below I’ve included high-res screenshots: