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Twilight: Eclipse IMAX Poster

There has to be someone out there who can put together a creative, slick poster for Eclipse, the third release in the now five part Twilight series. All anyone on the marketing team can seem to do is put three glossy pseudo-teens next to each other and have them look into the camera all broody-like. Even Twi-hards have got to be getting bored with this.

Shockya got their hands on the latest IMAX poster for the film and it's more of the same, except this time we get the added pleasure of staring deeply into the cavernous nostrils of Kristen Stewart. By now, even people living in Iraqi caves know what this movie is about, so they can give it up with the love triangle garbage they're relentlessly hawking to us. I know that there are rad vampire vs. werewolf battles in this movie, and that since David Slade is at the helm they're going to look cool. How about putting some of THAT stuff on the poster? Just a suggestion.

Scope the boring Twilight Saga: Eclipse poster image below.