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Two Clips Featuring Kristen Stewart And Kirsten Dunst In On The Road

As you might have heard, Kristen Stewart is out at Cannes right now, wowing critics and baring all as Marylou in On the Road, the Walter Salles-directed adaptation of Jack Kerouac's seminal novel. Word's already getting out about just how naked she gets-- and one stunning sounding sex scene featuring Steve Buscemi-- but we're going to have to wait until the movie comes out here in the United States to get a look at that. But, to tide us over in the meantime, distributor IFC has released two clips from On the Road, both featuring Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley as Dean Moriarty and Sal Paradise, respectively. Kirsten Dunst shows up in the first one as Dean's estranged wife Camille, and then Stewart is at the center of the second one. Take a look below.

Stewart's role in the film is much bigger than Dunst's-- Marylou is on the road with the boys, after all, while Camille's relationship with Dean falls apart because she wants to stay home-- but both women seem to be doing interesting work here, perhaps holding the emotional center of a story about famously callow young men. I'm especially excited to see how Hedlund-- a completely charisma-free void at the center of Tron: Legacy-- handles a role as complicated as Dean Moriarty, but coming off the superb Melancholia, Dunst has a lot of potential to surprise here as well.

On the Road is set for release sometime later this year, and though the reviews from Cannes have been slightly mixed, it's got enough rising star potential and literary pedigree-- not to mention the promise of Salles's previous film The Motorcycle Diaries-- to earn all our attention whenever it makes its way back to the States.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend