UPDATE: Apologies, guys-- we're getting word that this entire campaign is a well-executed hoax. Feel free to retract your likes of this Facebook page, and we'll have legit news on Star Trek Into Darkness for you as soon as it actually shows up.

The original post on this nonsense is below.

The lid is still very, very tight on the upcoming sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, no about thanks to director J.J. Abrams's love of secrecy and the fact that they can keep a Star Trek movie completely secret until the day before release, and the Trek diehards will still show up ind roves on opening day. But at some point they've got to start drawing in everyone else, and the first official trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness is finally ready to be seen-- but you need to step up and make it happen first.

Paramount Pictures today announced the launch of the official Facebook page for Star Trek Into Darkness, and a contest to get the page to 500,000 likes. Once that happens they'll release an exclusive trailer for the film on the page, and they're teasing that trailer with the below image, which looks like a player until you click it. Go ahead, try it and get as frustrated as I did.

As I write this the page is at 1,145 likes, so we need to get on it! Get liking, tell your friends, and let's get this Star Trek Into Darkness trailer out there… though if it's another three-frame clip like last time, I fear there might be some Spock ears rioting in the streets tonight. Star Trek Into Darkness will finally be revealed, in full, exactly 7 months from today-- May 17, 2013.

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