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Ultron's Eyebrows: Totally Normal Or Really Creepy?

I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but Ultron has eyebrows. Yes, Ultron as in the robot from Avengers: Age Of Ultron. He’s got eyebrows. It’s not super clear in most of the early shots, but near the end of the trailer, you can tell for sure when he bends over and talks about not having strings. Take a look for yourself…

That GIF, that seems to have originated here, has been making its way around the Internet lately, and today, it’s been making its way around the CinemaBlend offices. Here’s the thing: none of us can get on the same page about what it means or whether it matters.

Personally, I think these eyebrows are unnerving. A) He’s a robot so he doesn’t actually need them. B) Figuring out where they start and where the other pieces of his brain/ head end is like an impossible science experiment. C) The eyebrows are a weird blue-ish color, or maybe there’s a weird blue reflecting off them at the time, which is all kinds of off-putting. D) Exactly what they’re made out of is a big mystery. E) The whole thing feels like Batman nipples to me. F) Craig Ferguson's sidekick Geoff doesn't need eyebrows.

Apparently, though, everyone is not universally in agreement that this is weird. Other people think that, because he was made to communicate with humans and resemble humans, he should have eyebrows, that it would be weird if he was walking around looking like Steve-O (NSFW-Ish). They point to Bicentennial Man and other famous robots as evidence that it’s supposedly not weird. In fact, they think this isn't even a discussion worth having.

You can get a longer look at the Ultron eyebrows in the Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer below…

You’ve seen the evidence. Now we’re passing the responsibility over to you. What do you think? Are Ultron’s eyebrows kind of creepy, or are they a completely normal thing people need to stop talking about on the Internet?

Let us know which side of the road you stand on by voting in the poll below…

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