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The first trailer for Tony Scott’s new runaway train movie tries, and tries hard. That doesn’t stop it from feeling dated. Or for that matter from feeling like Taking of Pelham 123 part 2. Scott reteams with his Pelham star Denzel Washington only this time they leave John Travolta at the station and plug in Chris Pine as the eager young newbie.

The big problem here is the concept which feels like something that fell out of a 1982 made for TV movie. The trailer tries to make it cinematic and ends up having Denzel give a bunch of serious speeches about how edgy and dangerous being a train engineer is, and they work in a busload of kids to endanger, but the whole thing just seems ludicrous. The plot involves a runaway train (which everyone in the movie inexplicably treats like a nuclear bomb) and a plan to stop it by chasing it down with Denzel Washington’s train. Predictably, his boss doesn’t want him playing the hero.

Check out the first trailer for Unstoppable below or in HD on MSN:

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