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Kal Penn, best known as the Kumar half of the stoner duo Harold & Kumar recently joined the Obama administration. No he’s not their drug czar. In fact, Penn has always been rather adamant that in real life he’s not a pot smoker and never has been. The guy’s as straight an arrow as there is.

You’d think that Kumar’s involvement in Whitehouse politics would spell the end of the always fun Harold & Kumar franchise, but maybe not. There’s been talk of a third movie since even before the second movie debuted and now the boys at JoBlo have uncovered an announcement from Warner Bros, in which they’ve set a release date for Harold & Kumar 3. It’s called A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, and they’re releasing it November 5, 2010.

I find it really hard to believe they’ll actually be able to get Penn to do this. There’s no way the Whitehouse would ever allow it, would they? Yet I also find it hard to believe that someone would actually try to do a Harold & Kumar movie without Kumar. Will they recast? Will it be some sort of prequel featuring younger actors playing the characters? Yeah, that worked really well for Dumb & Dumber didn’t it? Let’s hope they’re smarter than that.