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After weeks of spaceships, robots, and wizards audiences are probably ready for romance. They should be seeing (500) Days of Summer, the year’s best movie, but it’s in limited release and odds are most people will never find it. Instead they’ll see The Ugly Truth, Katherine Heigl’s latest rom-com which may not be quite as awful as you’d expect, since it has the greatness of Gerard Butler in it.

Butler plays a sort of Howard Stern shock-jock who ends up giving love advice to Heigl playing a character who is, let’s face it, basically Katherine Heigl. She’s a beautiful uptight bore who can’t understand why men aren’t throwing themselves at her feet.
Below we have 6 clips from The Ugly Truth, watch them all and see whether it’s worth putting up with Heigl to get to good bits in which Gerard Butler Jello wrestles with supermodels: