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We have nine clips form Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Matthew McConaughey’s lastest rom-com. In this one, the girlfriends he’s done wrong come back to haunt him. I’m looking forward to the sequel, when the audiences he’s done wrong break into his house and steal all of his pot.

In the film celebrity photographer Connor Mead loves freedom, fun and women…in that order. A committed bachelor who thinks nothing of breaking up with multiple women on a conference call, Connor’s mockery of romance proves a real buzz-kill for his kid brother, Paul, and a houseful of well wishers on the eve of Paul’s wedding. Just when it looks like Connor may single-handedly ruin the wedding, he is visited by the ghosts of his former jilted girlfriends, who take him on a revealing and hilarious odyssey through his failed relationships—past, present and future. Together they attempt to find out what turned Connor into such an insensitive jerk and whether there is still hope for him to find true love…or if he really is the lost cause everyone thinks he is.