In just over a month, Pixar's Brave arrives in theaters. While the trailers have given us some idea about the plot of the movie, which focuses on a young Scottish woman looking to change her fate, this amusing promotional video has fun with the Scottish theme and gives us a few glimpses of the movie.

Brave follows the story of Merida (Kelly Macdonald), a young woman living in the Scottish highlands who hopes to change her fate and ends up on an exciting and dangerous adventure. The trailer released last month showed off the focus on family within the story. This new promotional video for Brave, courtesy of iTunes, is titled "Freedom Broch" and set up like an advertisement compilation album, with plenty of bagpipe tunes to set the Scottish tone nicely, and clever takes on popular song titles. And there are a few great family moments worked into it…

I'd like to hear "Free Bear."

Beyond the clever song titles, the haggis moment is a cute nod to Scottish cuisine, but my favorite bit in the above video is when the three brothers are listening to their father tell a story he's clearly told numerous times. While one mimics his dad, the other two boys seem to have died of boredom. It's a funny snippet and it sort of falls in line with what we've seen of Merida's frustration with her parents in the trailer, which plays into the idea that this is a family that knows each other very well, and maybe the kids take Mom and Dad for granted just a little bit. I think that's something plenty of people can relate to on some level.

Brave arrives in theaters June 22. I shared some photos and a theory on the plot of the film here. More information, photos and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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