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The smartypants who work at SlateV are no longer content just to put together clever mashups about politics and news-- they're moving over into the movies as well. Asking the question that pretty much every bored film student has pondered while their friends obsessed over the Colts and the Saints (or the Rams and the Packers, or whoever), the below video asks, "What if Famous Filmmakers Directed the Super Bowl?"

It's way more hilarious and spot-on than you're probably imagining. Below, brief clips from Super Bowl a film directed by Quentin Tarantino/David Lynch/Jean-Luc Godard/Wes Anderson/Werner Herzog. Tarantino's is predictably violent, Lynch's a fever dream from the insecure Peyton Manning, Godard's lyrical and a little homoerotic, Anderson's surprisingly epic and like an actual Super Bowl promo, and Herzog's mostly a hilarious pun on the Chicago Bears.

Check it out below, and tell us if there are other directors you would have liked to see included. I'm guessing it just wasn't in the SlateV budget to make a James Cameron Super Bowl in which all the players can morph into liquid and run through each other on their way to the end zone-- which, of course, then explodes.

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