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Just last month, the Vince Vaughn vehicle Term Life was casting co-stars, but Deadline reports the project has since gone belly up, which is a bit funny considering its premise. The crime noir based on A.J. Lieberman's graphic novel of the same name followed the late Nick Barrow, a thief whose days are numbered after a heist gone wrong makes him the target of mafia hitmen. Knowing there's no escape from this death sentence, Barrow buys a life insurance policy that he hopes will help take care of his daughter once he's gone. However, it won't kick into effect for 21 days, meaning this dead man walking has to elude his would-be killers for three weeks.

Despite its dark premise, it looked like Term Life was angling for comedy, as Universal Pictures had Couples Retreat director Peter Billingsley attached to helm. However, following some shakeups in the studio's management, it appears Universal has lost faith in Term Life, denying it a green light. But in other Vaughn vehicle news, casting on the comedy Business Trip is continuing.

Business Trip stars Vaughn as a Midwestern businessman who takes his team on a cross-country road trip to secure a coveted contract. We assume many highway hijinks will be had along the way. The laffer will reunite Vaughn with his Delivery Man director Ken Scott, and Deadline reveals June Diane Raphael has signed on to play Vaughn's wife, who desperately wants her hard-working husband to spend more time with her and the kids. Also on board is Tom Wilkinson, as a business associate and travel companion of Vaughn's under-the-gun suit. Said to be in talks to join this promising cast are Brit funnyman Nick Frost, and James Marsden, whose comedic prowess definitely deserves more attention.

As for Raphael, her star is undoubtedly on the rise. After years of adding solid laughs to sitcoms like Flight of the Conchords, Party Down, Happy Endings and New Girl, she earned some big screen attention with the roadtrip comedy Ass Backwards, which she fronted alongside co-writer Casey Wilson. Raphael and Wilson have also sold two sitcom pitches, The Mason Twins and DINKS, short for Double Income, No Kids. This pitch is set to become a pilot, and Ass Backwards will open in limited release on November 8th. So get ready to see a lot more of this outrageous comedienne.

In the meantime, I cannot recommend enough Raphael's movie podcast called How Did This Get Made. There she and her co-hosts Paul Scheer (A.K.A. Mr. June Diane Raphael) and Jason Mantzoukas "try to make sense of the movies that make no sense," like Congo, Toys or I Know Who Killed Me. But be warned, these episodes are addictive.

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