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I’m not sure anyone has been standing around going, “Dammit, it’s 2013! We need three, possibly four Vince Vaughn movies with mid-to-high concepts. Stat!” But that’s just what happens in 2013, it looks like. Vaughn apparently took the critical lambasting of his last two films – The Watch and Lay the Favorite, if you’ll recall – to mind and is kind of on a roll here lately, possibly reclaiming the comedic legitimacy he one juggled.

There isn’t anything in the world funnier than travel mishaps, right? Well, just pretend there isn’t. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vaughn is in negotiations to star in New Regency’s Business Trip. The film doesn’t yet have a director, but the hunt will begin once Vaughn is signed, and he’ll assist Regency and production company Escape Artists Productions– founded by Todd Black, Steve Tisch and Jason Blumenthal – to secure one. The film’s bare bones plotline is a guy goes on a European business trip and madcap hijinks ensue.

The screenplay was written by Steve Conrad, most famous for penning 2006’s feel-good biography The Pursuit of Happyness, and he also wrote 2005’s Nic Cage dramedy The Weather Man, both of which were made in association with Escape Artists. Conrad also wrote the screenplay for Ben Stiller’s upcoming comedy The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Stiller is the segue back to Vaughn, who will be starring in the next film from Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum), the old vs. young Google comedy The Internship, which premieres June 7. He’ll also be in Kat Coiro’s romantic comedy A Case of You, which will premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Finally, he’ll also star in Ken Scott’s Delivery Man, in which he’ll play the unwitting father of over 500 children.

Dare I say Vince Vaughn’s 2013 is money, baby?