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If you watch a lot of TV, you tend to see a lot of commercials for prescription medications. Around 90% of them are boring and entirely ignorable, but they're is the occasional bright spot: the side-effects. Sure, this medication will help you stay asleep throughout the night, but you'll also have night terrors about goblins who rip off your skin and eat it. These commercials are at least sometimes good for a laugh and now the marketing team behind Limitless, formally known as Dark Fields, is using it in their viral campaign.

Set up like your standard pharmaceutical commercial, star Bradley Cooper is trying to sell you a pill that sounds all kinds of awesome. Called NZT, the drug maximizes your brain's potential, divining effects such as increased strength and perfect memory. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Well, before you decide to call up their toll-free number (1-855-Clear-Pill), you should also take into account that the pill is known for causing psychosis, paralysis, homicidal blackouts, brain damage, extreme sexual appetite and sudden death. Oh, and if you ever stop taking the pill you die. Worth it? Hard to say.

Check out the video below.

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